Patterns of Annoying Flyers

January 8, 2007

After traveling by air for many, many years, it’s hard not to recognize those flyers which are just plain annoying. The following list are some of these people that I have seen and continue to loathe:

  • The Princess – people who put their jackets and / or their tiny bags in the overhead bin instead of holding onto their jacket and putting their bags under the seat in front of them. Oddly enough, most of these offenders are middle-age business men who carry man-purses around.
  • The Lazy Sherpa – people who sit in the back and decide to put their roller bags up by the bulkhead. Although these offenders won’t have to carry their already over packed bag as far, it forces people near to front to check their baggage OR they will need to go further back and tick off those people seated there.
  • My new best friend – perpetrators are usually old, lonely, or just nervous of flying. They like to tell you everything about themselves, even if you don’t ask. Sometimes they will continue to talk to you even when your eyes are closed and you’re sleeping.
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