Monitoring Ant Build Execution Times

March 9, 2007

I recently received an email from someone asking about an open source tool I wrote some time ago called Antomology. Since its been a while since I thought about it, why not blog about it.

(Ripped from the README.txt)

Antomology, besides being a word play on Entomology, is an Ant analysis tool suite. The current suite offering is:

StatisticsListener – an Ant BuildListener which can be used to gather statistics while an Ant build is executed. Statistics on the targets and tasks executed are written to the console after the build completes. Some of the statistics captured are:

  1. the number of times a target / task is called
  2. the average processing time spent on a target / task
  3. the total processing time spent on a target / task
  4. the total processing time spent on a target / task expressed as a percentage

The tool isn’t too amazing and the current suite offering is meager, but it served its purpose well on a past project that I was on. I was hoping to take it to the next level by providing support for historical graphing and analysis, but I have not been able to find the time to do it (as of yet).

The Continuous Integration solution at Codehaus isn’t publishing the Antomology jar yet, but the code in the Subversion repository is more current (and tested).