“Hello, World!” – Again and again…

January 6, 2007

During the good old Dot-com days, it was really exciting to head over to Geocities to create your own “home page” and impress your family and friends in the process.

The aspiring web developer of yesteryear would:

  • overload the web page with lots of colors and pictures
  • writeup uninteresting text (possibly ALL IN CAPS) that only a few people would care about or understand
  • put some copyrighted MIDI music playing in the background
  • provide enough personal information that someone could either stalk or steal the identity of the web developer
  • create a “guest book” so visitors could read / write comments to know / say how great the web developer was
  • provide a virtual “shout-out” to their friends by having links from their home page to their friend’s – after all, there is no harm inferring that you have lots of friends

At some point the aspiring web developer would place a web counter on their home page as a way to revel in their own successes – bonus if the counter didn’t track unique visits.

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