Recovering Deleted Posts When Using WordPress

January 31, 2007

This morning I was having some technical problems with my “Learning Ruby – TDD Style!” Parts 1 and 2 blog posts, specifically how pings were handled when linking posts to each other on update. A side effect of a post update meant a comment would be automatically created in the blog post that it referred to. Since I was adding and will continue to add “navigation” functionality for the different post-parts in order to make life easier for the readers, the present set up was not adequate.

When writing or updating a post in WordPress, there is a box on the right hand side of the screen entitled Discussion with an item for allowing pings. The solution was simple enough: All I needed to do was update each page, uncheck Allow Pings, save and delete any lingering ping comments. Simple enough. Somewhere along deleting the ping comments in my early morning haze, I accidentally deleted one of my blog entries!

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